Richtervorstellung Cheryl Bawden (GB)

Wir freuen uns, dass Cheryl Bawden (UK) bei uns zu Gast sein wird, um die Golden Retriever (Rüden) zu richten.

My name is Cheryl Bawden and I live in the UK. I have owned Golden Retrievers for about 40 years and my affix is DARTHILL. I have bred and owned 4 Show Champion bitches one of which won the CC at Crufts and many of my other dogs over the years have won their Stud Book Numbers.

I have been judging at Championship level in the UK since 2002 and have also judged in many other European countries including the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Austria. This will be my first time judging in Germany and I am really looking forward to this appointment. Cheryl.

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