2. Spezialrassehunde-Ausstellung „Wendener Land“

Richtervorstellung Sjoerd Jobse (SE)

Wir freuen uns, dass Sjoerd Jobse (SE) bei uns zu Gast sein wird, um die Chesapeake-Bay-Retriever, Curly-Coated-Retriever und Nova-Scotia-Duck-Tolling Retriever zu richten

I have been brought up with Irish Setters since childhood, had my own Irish Setter in my early teens (1986). Have bred 8 Irish Setter litters under my prefix Caemgen’s, bred or owned ca 32 champions and several World Winner titles. I am breeder or owner of numerous group and BIS winners all over Europe and also owned Top Irish Setter of the Year in Sweden and Holland. I have been winner Junior handling finals in Holland 1997 and represented at Crufts 1998.

My judging experience started with junior handling (Holland, Sweden, Iceland, Australia, Belgium, Gibraltar, South Africa). I have judged my first Open Show in the UK in 2012 and I am FCI official judge since 2011. I am complete Group 7 & 8 judge. I have judged in all Scandinavian countries, Holland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Australia & New Zealand, Ireland, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, UK, Israel, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria Italy, Poland. Also I would like to point out followed all the judging courses and seminars by the Dutch KC and the Swedish KC.

Since 2004 I am very close involved in Retrievers in my personal life and love the breeds.



Richtervorstellung Jim Richardson (GB)

Wir freuen uns, dass Jim Richardson (GB) bei uns zu Gast sein wird, um die Flat Coated Retriever zu richten.

I am approved to award Challenge Certificates in the following breeds in the UK:

Golden Retrievers, Flatcoated Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Weimaraners, Gordon Setters, Irish Red & White Setters,Irish Setters,Large Munsterlanders, Pointers, English Springer Spaniel,,Welch Springer Spaniels,Tibetan Spaniels (Utility Group in UK).

I am approved to judge the Gundog Group in the UK.

I have awarded CC’s in Golden Retrievers in the UK on 25 occasions including Crufts in 2009 and have another two more appointments in 2019.  Have judged this breed and others on 119 occasions in 34 different Countries including New Zealand, Australia (twice) and Russia.
Have judged all breeds and Best in Show at Open Shows throughout the UK for 35 years.
Just returned from Hong Kong where I judged all the Groups and Best in Show for Hong Kong Kennel Club.

I started judging dogs in 1981 having owned Golden Retrievers for 41 years and owned/bred three UK Show Champions. I very much look forward to judging in Germany once again and to be on the same panel as the very knowledgeable Dyane Baldwin.

Richtervorstellung Mary Neil (GB)

Wir freuen uns, dass Mary Neil (GB) bei uns zu Gast sein wird, um die Golden Retriever (Rüden) zu richten.

Hi my name is Mary Neil, my affix is Moloko, and for the past 34 years I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with Golden Retrievers. In the last 10 years my kennel expanded as I have also bred and worked my darling little Cocker & Springer spaniels. My kennel consists of my show dogs, all Goldens, and my working dogs consisting of one Golden Retriever from purely working lines and 8 busy little spaniels. During the summer months I love to travel the country showing my Goldens and in the winter time I have the pleasure of picking up at several commercial and family shoots with my spaniels, my working Golden and several of my show dogs.

I also love judging and I find it really interesting travelling abroad and being able to have ‚hands on‘ some totally different lines than we have in the UK. I’m very much looking forward to visiting your lovely country and meeting you all.


Richtervorstellung Cheryl Bawden (GB)

Wir freuen uns, dass Cheryl Bawden (UK) bei uns zu Gast sein wird, um die Golden Retriever (Hündinnen) zu richten.

My name is Cheryl Bawden and I live in the UK. I have owned Golden Retrievers for about 40 years and my affix is DARTHILL. I have bred and owned 4 Show Champion bitches one of which won the CC at Crufts and many of my other dogs over the years have won their Stud Book Numbers.

I have been judging at Championship level in the UK since 2002 and have also judged in many other European countries including the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Austria. This will be my first time judging in Germany and I am really looking forward to this appointment. Cheryl.

Richtervorstellung Dyane Baldwin (USA)

Wir freuen uns, dass Dyane Baldwin (USA) bei uns zu Gast sein wird, um die Labrador Retriever zu richten.

„I have been involved with dogs since 1977 and always Chesapeakes. I have bred 186 AKC champion Chesapeakes as well as 145 performance titled Chesapeakes including AKC field trials. I have personally trained & titled dogs in conformation (group wins and SS wins), obedience (all levels) and hunt tests to SH level. I have edited a book on Chesapeake Bay retrievers and have given numerous seminars here and abroad. I have authored articles on the Chesapeake in numerous magazines.

I have judged Chesapeake National Specialties in the US, England, Germany, Sweden, & Czech Republic. At one time I also judged AKC hunting tests at the Junior level and have judged other field events for retrievers as well. Approved to judge all AKC Sporting breeds and in 2015, I judged at the Westminster Kennel Club. My philosophy is that dog must look like it can function for its breed’s purpose within the confines of its standard. Movement must be sound and functional for its purpose as well but it must be typey for its breed too. I judge on a total dog with emphasis on abundance of positive virtues rather than an absent of flaws.
For the American Chesapeake Club I have served in numerous positions-historian, club secretary, chair of Judges Education, Judges Education Coordinator, and AKC Delegate.“
Dyane Baldwin

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