Richtervorstellung Alenka Pokorn (SLO)

Flat Coated Retriever, Curly Coated, NSD und 
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

I grew up in a family that has always owned dogs with English Cockers and German Hunting Terrier.
When I was 11, I saved up money for my very own dog, an Irish Setter. I did a few shows with her and bred two quite succesfull litters. 

We still have Irish, breeding under M`Eudail prefix, but during the years I have also had interest in Gordon Setters, Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds.
I have tried obedience, agility and all our dogs are qualified in Field Trail. I believe in dual purpose dogs, beautiful to look at, smart, healthy and fit for fun they were bred for. 

2018 marked 30 years dince I have passed my first judge exam. I am currently licended tu judge FCI groups 1, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
I have been active in several Clubs and I am currently on the breeding committee for Retrievers.

Neuer Termin: Jagdliche Anlagensichtung für Retriever (JAS/R)

Am 18.08.2018 richtet unserer Bezirksgruppe eine JAS/R aus. 

Ort: Raum Westerwald

Prüfungsleitung: nn
Richter 2: Betty Schwieren
Richter 3: Sigrid Semmler
Richter 4: Gabi Elfers

Die Sonderleitung übernimmt:

René Afflerbach
Tel: 0151 18167652

Die Meldung ist im Zeitraum vom 15.07.2018 bis 15.08.2018 möglich. Die Meldung zur JAS kann über das Online-Meldeformular oder per E-Mail an die Sonderleitung erfolgen

Richtervorstellung Paula Hill (GB)

Golden Retriever – Hündinnen

Goldens have been very much part of the family since 1978 and in 1981 I ventured into the Show world. This started my love affair of the breed.

As a child I was involved in junior handling as well as competing in the Show ring. Every weekend for 10 years my mother would take me to local Open Shows where I had some moderate success in the breed ring as well as junior handling.

I came back to the show world in 2003 and have been very fortunate to have achieved, 4 Stud Book Numbers including 3 Junior Warrant winners, 1 CC and 3 RCC’s along with 3 Show Certifcate of Merit awards.

My first judging appointment was in July 2007 and I was very proud awarding my first set of CC’s in June 2017. I have also judged my first Gundog Group at Open Show Level.

This will be my very first judging appointment abroad and I am very much looking forward to the opportunity of judging your dogs.